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Source Meridian is a software company that specializes in big data, BI and ML solutions running on commercial clouds.

From the development of new web applications, through updating, management, maintenance and enhancements, we cover all stages of the application lifecycle.

Security is part of the Design

Source Meridian starts everything with security in mind.  We follow SOC 2 and build workflows that are HIPAA and CCPA compliant.  We have not only achieved these certifications for ourselves, but helped out clients obtain their SOC 2 and Hitrust certifications.


Source Meridian started as a company
in 2016. After learning from previous experiences in the healthcare software industry in the US, and working with some talented people in Colombia, Mike decided to found the company in Medellin.

The company has grown every year and is one of the largest software
development companies in Colombia.


Development Group located in US and Colombia


Operating since 2016


Data Management experience


East Coast Time Zone


Our BI & software engineering teams will help you get insights from your data with speed and agility while ensuring security.

Whether your company needs a full software engineering team, or just specific roles to complement your capability, we have the flexibility to help you reach your goals.

About us:

Team spirit starts with spirited humans

We believe great work begins with happy people and ends with happy clients.


We are a software company that focuses on providing customized solutions to our clients while fostering a culture that supports our team members’ development and well-being.

We see ourselves as a community where people bond around shared values, feel valued as human beings, and are allowed to learn and grow within a positive leadership environment. 

We strongly believe that taking care of our people is key to our organization’s success and our client’s satisfaction.

We are a company of experienced software developers and data scientists from 17 different countries, specialized in the use of emerging technology. Artificial Intelligence is no longer the future, it is the now, and your competition is already ahead of the curve. Let our team of experts design and develop your next-generating software using state-of-the-art technology.

We Offer
services in

We Offer
services in


Project Management


Large Data Pipelines / Data Science


New Software Development


Maintenance and Enhancements


BI Development


Manual and Automated Testing


Data Quality / Data Curation


GUI Development / Design


Cloud Management


Medical vocabulary management


Data curation and Data development


Our mission:

Building Modern Scalable SAAS applications

As a software development company, our mission is to provide our people with interesting projects to learn and grow, and to provide our clients with the best possible experience in software solutions for their needs.

We actively engage in positive commercial relationships with our clients, providing new challenges for our
team’s growth.


Together, we thrive and push boundaries toward success.


Project Teams typically have: Technical Lead / PM QA – Lead Backend developer (SQL / API) / Frontend developer (react / angular / vue).

Then, as needed: QA, QA Automation, DBA’s / Data Scientists, Back and Front End Developers dedicated to your project.

Design / Dev Ops work: Is delivered as needed across project teams.

Development Methodology:


When working with a blended team, we adapt to the methodology of our clients.


 In our teams, we are following Agile Methodology with certified scrum masters.


For security and compliance we follow: SOC 2, HIPAA and CCPA.


Our founder:

“Take care of your clients, take care of your people, and the rest will take care of itself”

Michael Hoey

Founder & CEO – Source Meridian


Michael’s path


Accenture Pharmaceutical and Technology Practice


CTO of ESPS / Liquent – growing
a company from 10 people to 220 and taking it public.   ESPS had over 80% of global pharmaceutical companies using its software to submit to the FDA / EMEA


Intellisophic: Knowledge Management company creating ontologies and taxonomies to understand the world’s unstructured data. Leveraged in Life Science, Evidence discovery, and advertising.


Linkapedia: A web-scale knowledge management portal with millions of facets and billions of documents.


Ipsum Clinical 
Hoey is also a founder of Ipsum Clinical – a CRO with multiple sites in Colombia. In that role he guides the company on both the clinical and technological side.

2016 to date

Source Meridian a software development company in Colombia, serving the life sciences and big data industries.

Work with us

Stay ahead of the game with the latest technologies. Work with the most innovative projects that are transforming our world, but above all, learn to challenge yourself.

In Source Meridian you will be able to unleash your passions and creativity. Are you ready?


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At Source Meridian, we are always looking for talented individuals who
share our passion for innovation and technology.