[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Gone are the days where students carry a fleet of heavy text book to class, complete with their notepad and highlighter. Higher Education publishers are more reliant on technology than ever to deliver interactive classroom experiences for students that combines technology with learning to empower students and teachers to achieve their fullest potentials.

Source Meridian has deep expertise in designing and creating publisher workflows in Higher Education to facilitate atomically stored content components which can be quickly compiled together to create dynamic learning materials in almost any format. These tools create interactive learning experiences including tests, formulas, videos and audio.

Semantic Web

Our customers in higher education are using semantic web technology along with ontologies to tag their content with rich topical metadata. These tags are applied not on individual documents but on every section of content, images, videos, formulas and more. This metadata is then later used to empower search and allow education publishers to quickly create new learning tools that are derived from their existing content, leading to more revenue.