It’s all about teams and collaboration

We want to maintain an environment where iteration, learning, and collaboration is enforced through positive and dynamic leadership.

We have Mike as our Founder and CEO, however, he leads some projects, works with the Ops Admin team. Still someone we work with as a team. 

Every team has an evolving structure that adapts depending on the project’s needs. A project may have a people lead, also a tech lead, and other roles that adjust while moving forward. 


We want to stay away of bureaucracy, and anything that makes difficult to figure out what our clients need, and then giving it to them

We’re ready for new challengess

Every team has an evolving structure that adapts depending on the project’s needs. A project may have a lead, also a tech lead, and other roles that adjust while moving forward.


What matters to us?

At Source Meridian, we want to make your professional experience unique while you’re working with us. Here are our main values that we want you to commit with as you move towards new challenges and bigger responsibilities with your team and client.

Our Core Competences

& Ownership

We want all Source Meridian members to hold fully responsible for what needs to be done by driving their willingness to perform their duties with total ownership.


Our Core Competences

Methodology Adherence

Continuous improvement in our software development processes to implement and internalize best practices for commercial software development.


Our Core Competences

Lifelong Learning

People that are self-initiated learning focused on their professional development and their team’s.


Our Core Competences

Client Focus

Our clients are our priority. Taking care of our clients needs and expectations by being here for them and pursuing their success is key for our organization’s growth.


Our Core Competences


We believe in the unity of minds and collaborative actions, which can mold and magnify potential.


Our Rocketeers

We approach every launch with a high-energy mindset, an innovative attitude and unwavering dedication.

When we are together we provide the powerful boost that keeps our rocket in orbit. With the search for high tech and advanced solutions built on cooperation and teamwork, we make every mission successful.

Every Rocketeer has unique skills and knowledge, and together we form a highly skilled crew that is always ready to take on new challenges and overcome them successfully.

Source Meridian is a home without structures nor labels, since this journey is destined for success based on humanity, freedom, development, and growth.

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What our
Rocketeers say

What our
Rocketeers say

CarlosSoftware Developer

I am proud to work at Source Meridian because they have given me the tools and opportunities to grow professionally from day one. I have learned the latest trends in software development, project management, and improved my English proficiency with their support. They also prioritize our physical and mental health, offer support to get professional training and online courses. They gave me support during difficult times, and provide beautiful gestures on special occasions. Attending conventions like Pycon, Devcon, and Devops Medellin is just one of the many ways they invest in our success.

OscarProject Manager

I am proud and love working at Source Meridian, because I know I am part of something bigger that makes a difference, and I do this surrounded by people who treat me like family.
The company’s vision embraces all of its employees in a warm and enthusiastic way.

LeidyHuman Development Professional

I am proud of this company because it understands the importance of employee wellbeing and allows me to be a pioneer in the implementation of the mental health component in professional terms and real diligence, through the personal-social and labor accompaniment of the entire SM Crew, so that they can optimize their time and capabilities through continuous improvement.

AndresSoftware Developer

I’m honored to be part of the Source Meridian team, a truly people-centered company that prioritizes the job experience, personal growth, and well-being of all its employees and their families. Source Meridian strives for excellence not only in the quality of its products but also in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. With the guidance and support of the human team, the company is empowered to reach the full potential of its employees and make a meaningful impact in the industry. I’m proud to work for a company that truly cares about its employees and fosters a culture of growth, collaboration, and mutual respect.

JorgeSoftware Developer

Source Meridian is a company that made me feel part of a big family from the first day. I have never had the opportunity to work in a place that cares so much about the personal and professional aspects and that generates a great level of trust. I really believe that I work for the best company, which has in its DNA to provide exemplary treatment not only to employees but also to customers.
I am very fortunate to belong to this great family.

Maria IsabelManual QA

Source Meridian is a place that provides opportunities to learn and be happy. I feel fortunate to be part of a collaborative and dedicated team. Among my teammates, there are exemplary women whom I deeply admire and respect.

YulianSystem Administrator

Working for this great company in the past months has been quite a great and awesome experience.
Never thought I’d be working with such a talented group of professionals and the greatest and most comfortable working environment ever.
Loving Source Meridian! 

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