Our Founder

Michael got his start working for Accenture in their pharmaceutical practice in the 90’s. With a focus on regulatory publishing, Michael later went to work as the CTO for a submission publishing startup called ESPS. Five years later, ESPS had a dominant market share in pharmaceutical publishing and exited with a successful IPO.

Following ESPS, Michael helped start a knowledge management company that specialized in unstructured data analysis with a significant development presence in Colombia.

Michael also has been involved in advising a number of different start up companies over the years in both the software and pharmaceutical regulatory spaces.

Current Projects

Hoey is also a founder of Ipsum Clinical – a CRO with multiple sites in Colombia. In that role he guides the company on both the clinical and technological side. Hoey also is active as the CTO of PurpleLab – a claims data warehouse used for building provider networks and sales targeting. Hoey is also involved in several healthcare interoperability projects focusing on technology platforms for RWE ( Real World Evidence ) applications.

Michael Hoey

Founder & CEO - Source Meridian